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Wait list/Payment pending



My apologies, I'm behind in my both my messages and uploads on here. These past couple of weeks have been rough for me since the Wonderland con. I've been under the weather and been getting headaches that staring at a computer have not been helping. Bah. 

I'll be working on catching up on everything under the sun shortly. 


In other exciting news, my art fanfic thing We Three Kings is a now a sprawling epic monstrosity as with everything I want to address with that requires I also address three other related things.

So to address that I've given it it's own sub-folder in the Hobbit/LotR folder and I'll write up a Masterlist of periods of time the pictures go along with so that you guys know when things occur. For example, Winter comes to Erebor goes before the few week period that is Winter's Heart, and after that is Spring comes to Erebor. (I'm not great at naming things but at least it's better then dates, especially since it wouldn't matter what dates Winter's Heart occurs during so long as it's better the other two and in winter. LOL). I'll put a bit in the description of the picture to indicate when it takes place. (Just the picture, the artist description could go into some other related thing that occurs during a different time. I'm feeling Tolkien's pain, and I will now give it to you.)

I aim to answer such important questions as what happens to our characters during the battle, after it and after that as well has specific ones such as:
How did Bard's wife die?
What was the big catalyst that started the raging hate-on between the Master of Lakewood and Bard?
How exactly did Thorin, Fili and Kili managed to not die? I mean they got stabbed a lot and in vital organs. I'm told those are important.
What sort of long-term consequences would we see from them being around where they weren't before?
When do they die now?
What happens to Alfrid? Because that's a question we all really what an answer too. 
Where's Bifur's ax?
Where's the Arkenstone?
Where's Thranduil's necklace?
What does Bilbo do with the ring? Considering he just saw Thorin lose his shit over gold and gems, does he just keep that ring that's telling him to burn things, kill his friends and move into a cave in his pocket til it's time to burden Frodo with it? Is there a difference between keeping it with Bilbo in the Shire for years (canon) and keeping it with Bilbo in the Lonely Mountain for years (my AU)? 
The events of the Hobbit after the Dwarves arrive in Mirkwood til they survive the battle is just a really super-shitty couple of weeks for everybody invloved and every one sucked into this. What can I do to them during another few weeks period that would punish them for thinking "wow I can't believe all of that happened in the past two weeks, at least nothing is ever going to ever be as bad as that"?
And so on and so forth.

And it will be presented to you by adorable chibis, yay. 

Some of the pictures/comics will be funny, some of them morbidly funny and others more dramtic/ansgt and mostly comprised of terrible head cannons. You're welcome.
My creative process in case you've ever wondered is just thinking "That's an interesting piece of knowledge, now how can I use that for evil?"


I also have a craft show the day after Age of ultron comes out to finish up stuff for. No doubt that movie will also bring about its own set of new ideas. Also always plenty of art to do. 

I'm also always open for commissions as there's always time for working on stuff that will feed me and keep me living in the sort of comfort indoors provides. 

I know this is not the case for everybody but I've found I don't have any trouble coming up with art to work on, so don't take it to mean that just because I'm working on one thing doesn't mean I don't want to work on another thing if there's money involved. Bills still have to be paid. I just enjoy spending all my time working on art or thinking about art, that it's no trouble to fill the gaps between paid work with personal projects. :D 

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Sketch commission for Timon-o-rama
Special commission for FeralSonic 

Choose your players! 

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