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Watch Feed 

The new watch feed and status update activity feed, I'm not much of a fan. I can see the usefulness of them for mobile users, maybe but on a computer for me, they don't do anything. 

The watch feed to me looks like a worse version of the notices we already get just crammed altogether and viewable one at a time. I wish they'd set up something to separate groups I watch from people I watch. See that I could get behind, I'd love a way to go through what the people are up to without having to also look at what the thousands of people in the groups are submitting to those groups as well. 

I want something that makes it easier to quickly check the information I want to see, and not all the information that available to me. 

*Yeah I know I can set up the groups so that I don't get groups deviation notices, but that's the thing I do want them. I like browsing them occasionally, I'd just like to filter them so I can look at the peoples easily.*

Status Updates Feed

That's fun, it's a big thing of all the stuff I've uploaded to the site in a row on my main page, right next to, below and above the duplicate updates already on my page. ???
Sooooo it's newest deviations next to my latest journal entry and below that is another copy of my latest deviation, same journal again, another journal followed by more of the latest deviations. Yikes.  

Yeah, I can see the point for people who don't already have the latest deviations, journal, etc widgest. But for me nope. Bye-bye Feed widget.


The widget that serves the same purpose as the status update. Plus then I don't have to pick between which to drop a status update on, I don't have to remove the Twitter feed to avoid duplicate status updates, I don't have to update both places.... 

I'm sure me and my 14 Twitter followers can appreciate that. 

Site Updates I'd Love To See 

Tags that allow spaces, special characters and capital letters for any word not just the preprogrammed ones.

Separate boxes for folders and sub-folders when you upload new pictures. Allow for duplicate folder titles if the title is used for both a main folder and a sub-folder. 

Filter deviation notices by groups and deviants. 

In conclusion 

I'd love the ability to complain about a site update and state my reasons against it, or how it could be improved without the answering response being "oh but people always complain, and then they get used to it just the same and then they complain again when the next update comes along." and "oh but if they don't like it they can just leave".

Can we just acknowledge that nobody has to like everything about a site in order to use it, that the pros have only to outweigh the cons. And that the mere fact that they do doesn't mean the cons don't exist or that they prevent new cons from coming up in the future. 

That's what I'd like. 

I also like the new tag system in general, just not the penisisland aspect of it or the fact that the computer algorithm for creating tags for older deviations has messed-up beyond easy repair the tags over 800 of my deviations. Deviations I now get to go into one at time to delete and retype everything correctly.

That should only take me until the next major update.  

Yeah, but "if I didn't love absolutely everything about it, I'd leave, right?" -_-




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